January 21-24

  • Welcome everyone!  This week in music class look a little different, as I will be gone Thursday and Friday for the annual Colorado Music Educators Association Confrence.  Here's what you can expect in music class as as result: 


    3rd grade will continue learning Come to Play and other songs for the Link Up Field Trip with the Philharmonic.  

    4th grade will continue working on Come to Play and other songs for the Link Up trip as well.  

    5th grade will also work on Come to Play and other songs for the Link Up Field Trip.

    6th grade will move forward learning new chords on the ukulele, and playing them in the style of oldies rock and roll.  Thursdays class will be self directed review in my abscence, supervised by a sub.  

    7th and 8th grade will practice drum beats from Latin America and Africa, supervised by the sub. 

    9th grade will practice learning songs by ear.    

    10th, 11th, and 12th Grades will practce reading and writing drum beats.  


    Regarding music clubs: Jazz band, Beginning band, and Chameleon Chorus will resume rehearsals this week.  Orchestra and Concert Choir will have this week off while Ms. Joy and I are at the conference.  All clubs will resume their usual schedule next week.  


    That's all for now, have a great week everyone!  

    Mr. Pierce