School Closing/Delayed Start Policy

  • Student safety is the District’s first priority in determining whether to close schools for inclement. When Harrison School District 2 (HSD2) announces a closure, it will be broadcast on local radio, TV stations, and HSD2’s website: between 5:30-6:30am. Please do not report to MVHSA when HSD2 has announced a closure or an online learning day for its students. Only students participating in Model 2 Instruction are required to submit work online. 

    If a two-hour delayed start is called, the following will occur: 

    -No breakfast served at school 

    -Classes will begin two hours later and end at the regularly scheduled time 

    We respect the individual parent’s right to keep their child at home. If parents feel weather conditions are a threat to their child’s well-being, please notify the school and those absences or late arrivals will be excused.