• Office Availability, Phone and Email Responses 

    The MVHSA office is open from 7:45-4:00 Monday-Friday, unless otherwise indicated on the website:  

    MVHSA policy and professional courtesy requires staff respond to phone calls and emails within 48 work day hours, however, resolutions may require a longer response time. 

    Email is the preferred and most efficient method of communication with the MVHSA staff.  

    The website is consistently updated with recent events, newsletters and information regarding activities at the school. More information is available under the “Parents & Students” or “Programs” tabs. 

    Emails: The MVHSA office sends email notifications with important notices and events to any parent that has an email on file, unless otherwise specified. As email is the main form of communication, please provide your current email to the office. 


    Occasionally, in addition to email, the office will send home paper handouts with your student(s). Please check with your student(s) on a weekly basis to ensure you are receiving the communication in a timely manner. 


    Items with time sensitivity are emailed and reservations made on a first come – first served basis. Limits placed on a certain activities are necessary for space, budget or staff availability. Additionally, deadlines are often set for activities, i.e. field trips, Winter Celebration, ITBS, SAM Night. We ask parents to adhere to these deadlines as it allows us to properly prepare for events. 

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