Student Data Privacy

  • Harrison School District Two is committed to providing scholars with the best educational technology opportunities and giving teachers the tools they need to help scholars achieve. With the signing of Colorado House Bill 16-1423 in June of 2016, we are required to follow policies to protect Student Personally Identifiable Information (SPII). The new law can be found here: Colorado House Bill 16-1423. This law also aligns closely with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: FERPA and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act: COPPA.

    Please read this informative infographic on Student Data Privacy: Student Data Privacy Letter and Infographic which explains why we collect student data, why it is important, and what is being done to keep it safe.

    Student Personally Identifiable Information (SPII)

    Student Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) is information that alone or in combination, personally identifies an individual student or the student's parent or family, and that is collected, maintained, generated, or inferred by a public education entity, either directly or through a school service, or by a school service contract provider or school service on-demand provider.

    The school district collects and maintains SPII to ensure mandatory Colorado reporting, to provide scholars with programs to enhance their learning experience, and to provide assessment data. 

    Vendors who will be working with D2 students must complete and adhere to this Data Privacy Addendum

    School Service Contract Providers (SSCP)

    School Service Contract Provider is an entity that provides a service subject in a formal, negotiated contract. Effective August 10, 2016, for any new or renewal contracts, Contract Providers must agree to comply with Colorado Revised Statutes sections 22-16-108 to 22-16-110.

    We maintain a list of School Service Contract Providers that we have made formally negotiated contracts and Data Privacy Agreements (DPA). This is a working document that is continually in process and will be updated as contracts are made available online: School Service Contract Providers

    School Service On-Demand Providers (SSODP)

    School Service On-Demand Provider is an entity that provides a service subject to the agreement to standard, non-negotiable terms and conditions of service established by the provider. A list of School Service On-Demand Providers used by at least one employee for school services is available here: School Service On-Demand Providers.

    Please note: These providers may only be used with certain grade levels, classrooms, teachers, or schools, and are not necessarily used district-wide. This list will be updated twice a year.

    Board Policies

    In accordance with CRS 22-16-107, the district has the following policy: Privacy and Protection of Confidential Student Information. It can be found under Policies -> J - Students -> JRCB.

    The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has made the following required links:

    CDE Data Privacy

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    CDE Data Portal  Information Sheet on CDE Data Portal

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