Program Advantages

  • Credit Recovery

    Students who are deficient in credits will be supported through online monitoring instruction for credit recovery. Students are expected, but not limited to completing a minimum of 3 classes per 6 weeks hexter (9 classes per semester).

    Online Monitoring Instruction
    As students enroll in the Career Readiness Academy, each one will have an individual academic plan created to help them prepare for graduation. Online learning requires students to have strong self-discipline in order to meet course completion requirements per hexter. Students will be assisted by staff who will guide and support them during their online experience.

    Hexter Scheduling

    Career Readiness Academy has moved to a Hexter scheduling model, each Hexter being 6 weeks with 3 Hexters in a semester. This type of schedule allows students to focus on a limited number of classes and class completion in a shorter amount of time than a traditional schedule. Students are expected to complete 3 OMI classes per Hexter, giving them the opportunity to earn 9 credits or more in a year.

    Our staff includes teachers who will support students if they are struggling with reading, writing, or math. We believe this support will help all students continue their program of study so when they graduate they will have acquired the needed skills to be college or career ready.

    Work-based Learning Market Place

    Work-based learning is designed to connect student's talents, interests and aptitudes to the economic landscape. The Work Based Learning Market Place is a continuum of activities that occur in part or in whole, in the workplace, providing the learner with hands-on real world experiences. Learning about work, learning through work, and learning at work.

    Students will have opportunities to do job shadowing, internships (unpaid and paid) as well as apprenticeships. Career Readiness Academy is here to help you explore your future!

    Flex Scheduling

    Flex scheduling is available to Juniors and Seniors who qualify academically. Flex Scheduling allows students to explore their secular interests, work internships and apprenticeships set up through the Work-based Learning Market Place, and to work their regular paid employment.