Staff Directory

Name Title Phones
Shelley Becker Assistant Superintendent of Business Services / Chief Financial Officer 719-579-2037 sbecker
Scott Howard Director of Finance 719-538-1346 showard
Lori Hawkins Accounting Supervisor 719-579-2053 lhawkins
Kaiya Jacobs Accounting Technician 719-579-2301 kjacobs
Diane Terhune Accounting Technician 719-579-2039 dterhune
Jozette Hemphill Payroll Manager 719-579-2036 jhemphill
Amanda Shoup Payroll Technician 719-579-2142 ashoup
Catherine Felsmann District Grant Manager 719-538-4875 cfelsmann
Danielle Duke District Accountant 719-579-2035 daduke
Sherie Shupe Benefits/Risk/Insurance Manager 719-579-2011 sshupe
Lauren Brandenstein Benefits/Risk Mgmt Specialist 719-579-2314 lbrandenstein
Marnie Ballard Software Specialist-Staff Systems 719-579-2102 mballard
TBD Purchasing Manager 719-579-2034
TBD Warehouse/Courier 719-579-2056
Debbie McGee Wellness Coordinator 719-579-2037 (msg phone) dmcgee
Conny Oliveira Finance Secretary 719-579-2037 coliveira