Meal Payments 2019-2020

  • Harrison School District 2 is participating in Universal Free Breakfast and Lunch Program for the current school year 2019-2020. All meals will be served to all students at no charge regardless of the eligibility status. This program does exclude James Irwin Schools, BOCES, and Mountain Vista Home School Academy. 

    Lunch Prices    
      Regular Reduced*
    Elementary K-5 $1.80 $0.00
    Middle School $2.10 $0.00 
    High School $2.10 $0.00
    Adult $3.75   
    Breakfast Prices    
      Regular Reduced*
    Elementary $0.70 $0.00
    Middle School $0.70 $0.00
    High School $0.80 $0.00
    Adult $2.10   

    James Irwin, BOCES and Mountain Vista Home School Academy
    *Students approved for Reduced Price meals will receive breakfast at no charge at schools that serve breakfast. Students approved for Reduced Price meals in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade will receive lunch at no charge for the 2019-2020 school year.  

    Skim white and 1% white milk are offered with each meal. À-la-carte items are available daily at a reasonable price in our Secondary schools. Parents are invited to join us for breakfast or lunch on any school day. We welcome your suggestions and comments throughout the school year.

    How to Pay for Meals

    All of our schools have a computer account set up for each student. Money can be put into a Student's account and, as the student purchases lunch, breakfast, or ala carte items, their account will be debited. Money can be sent to the school on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis or any sum can be sent in at any time. Parents are welcome to contact the school kitchen manager for information on their student's account. All prepaid balances from the end of the previous year will carry over to the next school year. Balances will also follow students changing schools within our district or being promoted to the next grade.

    To pay by credit card log on to, your new online payment site for Harrison School District. is a payment portal between parents and their local school systems. This service allows parents to make quick and easy payments to their children's school account via online transactions. The transactions and funds are credited directly to the child's account at his or her school district and school. Accounts are credited daily. Just log on and follow the simple instructions to creating an account.

    A few of the conveniences of

    * Pay with your Credit Card
    * Check Your Child's Account Balance
    * See What Your Child is Eating
    * Receive Account Balance Alerts

    Charging Meals

     Procedures for Meal Charges and Delinquent Debt