District Announcements

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • You should choose us because...

    • We are home to many military families with MFLAC
    • We have 22 Certified Teachers
    • All students and families matter
    • We have 1 Social Worker, 1 Counselor, and 1 Psychologist
    • We focus on growth for all scholars
    • We serve a diverse population
      • 54% Male 
      • 46% Female
      • 39% White
      • 38% Hispanic
      • 13% Black
      • 3% Asian
      • 10% Other
    • We foster a family environment
    • All students deserve 174 days of the best of the best bell to bell instruction!

    Fun facts about Otero staff...

    • 28% of our staff are Colorado Natives
    • 32% of our staff have dedicated 5 or more years at Otero
    • 82% of our staff have an Associate's Degree or higher
    • 12 of our staff members have a Master's Degree
    • 34% of our staff are Denver Broncos Fans 
    • 58% of our staff loves Football
    • All of our staff LOVES FOOD
      • #1 Mexican
      • #2 Pizza
      • #3 Italian

    Otero staff believes...

    • I believe our administration team manages, coaches, adapts, encourages, repairs, communicates, instructs, holds staff accountable, and spends countless hours to prepare and provide the best leadership to all families, staff, and students! (Mr. Kaiser)
    • I believe we have students capable of success and teachers that not only believe in our students but who are also committed to doing what it takes for every student, every day! (Mrs. Karbowski)
    • Otero is committed to the academic, emotional, behavioral, and social growth of every student who walks into the building. Our teachers are enthusiastic, determined, loving, and goal-oriented to an extent that ensures our best practices daily. (Ms. Smith)
    • I believe that Otero students are worthy of being invested in. They are the future products of our environment; let's feed them everything they need in order to continue sprouting and growing. (Mrs. Bryant)
    • I believe that Otero is a team whose main focus is to diligently pursue any and all components necessary to support, engage, encourage, and empower student success. (Mrs. Arellano)