In the know

  • Things are Happening At SME

    Stratton Meadows and Oak Creek Elementary Schools applied for and were granted the ELG program and received the grant beginning with the 2017-2018 school year and ending in 2020. The Early Literacy Grant (ELG) is designed to distribute funds from the Colorado Department of Education to local education providers, to ensure the essential components of reading instruction are embedded into all elements of the primary, K-3 teaching structures in all schools, including universal and targeted and intensive instructional interventions, to assist all students in achieving reading competency. We were awarded a sustainability extension for the 2020-2021 school year for the grant.  We are grateful to CDE for their support as we continue to build our ELG structures and best practices.

  • Demographics

    • Enrollment Numbers: 364
      • Boys: 203
      • Girls: 161
    • Hispanic - 57.4%; African-American - 11.3%; White - 22%; Other - 9.3%
    • Free and Reduced: 85.4%
    • ELLs: 18.4%
    • Special Education Students: 9.1%
    • GT Students: .8%
    • Attendance Rate: 95%


  • Achievement Data

    Colorado Growth Model - 2016 Data

    English Language Arts - 86%

    Math - 47%