Attendance Policy

  • Expectations

    Students are expected to attend online classes on time each day and to attend all classes in their entirety. If your child is absent for ten consecutive school days or absent intermittently 15 days, they will be transferred to their neighborhood school.


    • Excused Absence shall mean a student who is temporarily ill or injured or whose absence is approved by the school administrator.
    • Unexcused Absence shall mean a student who is not temporarily ill or injured, is absent without a valid and verifiable reason, whose absence is not approved by the school administrator.
    • Tardy shall mean a student who arrives after the instructional period begins. This will apply to a student who leaves prior to the completion of the instructional period as well for the sake of district practice. A tardy is excused for temporary illness or injury.
    • Proof of Documentation refers to a doctor’s note specifying the specific dates a student is absent from school, not simply the date the student was seen by the doctor.

    The following procedures are in place for monitoring student absences.

    If a student has:

    • One (1) -Three (3) consecutive days of being absent, phone calls from the office will be made unless the absence is reported. Parents may provide documentation for absence to be notated as excused.
    • If a student has five (5) or more unexcused absences in the school year, the school will schedule a meeting with the parent and the student to develop an action plan to improve the student’s attendance. Student Support Team (SST) will provide Attendance Contract I, update and review the case.
    • If a student is absent for eight (8) or more days in a semester, a letter is sent home by the administration notifying parents of the number of absences. Meeting with the Student Support Team, Truancy Document is developed, parent and the student to review Attendance Policy, Implement Attendance Contract II, develop an attendance plan to support regular school attendance, and the school will consider possible retention in the current grade.
    • When a student reaches ten (10) or more unexcused absences, they are considered chronically absent. Truancy recommendations are completed. School officials will complete a transfer to their neighborhood school.