Meet the Administration Team

  • The administration team at Aspire Online Academy believes student success requires a team effort by students, parents, teachers, and other staff members working together. We are a committed group of educators, focused on providing your student with a quality education. We believe:

    • Every student has the right to be valued for who they are and be provided the opportunity to grow.
    • Families are partners in the educational process.
    • Teachers are architects in the design of authentic learning experiences for students.
    • Learning/teaching activities must be relevant to the changing social, economic, and political dynamics in which students will live.
    • Technologies are powerful tools for maximizing the relational aspects of teaching/learning.
    • Social-emotional learning is in concert with academic learning.
    • All AOA community members (including teachers and staff) are lifelong learners.
    • Accountability is the shared ownership of student learning outcomes by all members of the AOA School community.