School Announcements

Introducing Aspire Online Academy

  • In Fall 2021, students, families, and staff will embark upon a new learning experience in HSD2’s online school, Aspire Online Academy (AOA).

    Aspire Online Academy will serve students and families both within and outside of the D2 community. This will allow the district the opportunity to provide a unique learning experience to a diverse group of students in a personalized experience. Due to the unique structure of the Aspire Online Academy, students will be able to participate in asynchronous (independent pacing) and synchronous (teacher-led) learning experiences. AOA staff will offer both virtual and in-person environments.

    In addition to a content-based curriculum, students will also participate in varied exploratory learning experiences. These learning experiences will allow students to engage in enrichment courses that are interactive and engaging yet appealing to their creative interests. These non-traditional structures will ensure students are immersed in a well-rounded educational experience.

    We are elated to welcome our community of learners into this new, yet challenging educational journey that will allow us the opportunity to share an exceptional learning experience for all who are searching for personalized, unique educational structures.

    We look forward to offering this new choice enrollment option to our current D2 families as well as statewide!

    Register online or at the D2 Administration Building, 1060 Harrison Road, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For questions regarding registration, please call Student Support at 719-579-2554.