Ms. Watkins

Phone: (719) 529-3591


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science: Special Education Masters of Education: Elementary Education Masters Equivalent: Teaching English as a Second Language PhD of Instructional Design and Technology ABD (all but dissertation)

Ms. Watkins

Hello!  My name is Cathy Watkins and I am the new TAP (the Autism Program) teacher at Stratmoor Hills ES!  Let me tell you a little bt about myself:

I started my career as a paraprofessional sign language interpreter in 1996.  I graduated from UNLV with a degree in Special education in 2001, and have been a classroom teacher since 2004.  I have a few degrees to support education, and feel we never stop learning.  I am a mother of two teens (15 and 17) who attend high school in D11. I am currently working on my PhD to show my teens you can accomplish anything, if you set your mind to the task; Even if there are doubters.

I also believe any child can learn, but may need to learn in their own way.   They may learn by watching first then doing, listening and then doing, or hands on. Students need visual reminders, and positive praise- negativity has no place in a classroom.  As a team, we work together to help your student grow and thrive in the educational environment.  I am open to texts and up to the minute information, which might affect your student’s school day, as well as, helping with issues carrying over to home. Feel free to contact me between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, and I will get back to you (when I am not working with students or having family time of my own).

I can be reached at email:, or by calling/ texting my class phone or cell phone (719) 722-6574.

Ms. Watkins TAP Class