District Announcements

Why Should You Choose Us?

  •   You should choose us because...

    • We are home to many military families with MFLAC
    • We have 25 Certified Teachers (2 Distinguished)
    • All students and families matter
    • We have 1 Distinguished Social Worker and 1 Psychologist
    • We focus on growth for all scholars
    • We serve a diverse population
      • 56% Male 
      • 44% Female
      • 42% White
      • 37% Hispanic
      • 8% Black
      • 2% Asian
      • 11% Other
    • We foster a family environment
    • All students deserve 176 days of the best of the best bell to bell instruction!

    Fun facts about Otero staff!!

    • 26% of our staff are Colorado Natives
    • 31% of our staff have dedicated 5 or more years at Otero
    • 11 Staff members have Master Degrees
    • 9 Educational Support Employees have higher education degrees
    • 43% of our staff are Bronco Fans 
    • 50% of our staff loves Football
    • All of our staff LOVES FOOD
      • #1 Mexican
      • #2 Pizza
      • #3 Chocolate

    Otero Staff believes:

    • Otero has the best teacher support system that I have ever seen. When teachers are provided with continuous resources and training, the students are the ones who benefit the most! (Mrs. Key)
    • Our school excels at offering educational and life learning opportunities for ALL children. We understand the value of incorporating "Exploration" classes and individual instruction to reach all learning styles! (Mr. Kaiser)
    • We want to be here to ensure your students are more than just a number. Otero is a diverse community that will set your student up for success! (Ms. Ozoa)
    • Otero has a dedicated multi-tiered system of support teams who meet weekly to design, implement, and monitor creative ways to ensure all students' academic and social-emotional needs are met daily! (Mrs. Karbowski)