Title I Schools

Information about Title I schools, Public School Choice, and free tutoring (Supplemental Educational Services or SES) availability.

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School Choice

Bricker Elementary School has been identified as on "Turnaround" status by the Colorado Department of Education. This means that students at Bricker can choose to attend either Giberson Elementary School or Turman Elementary School and the district will provide transportation. All families with students attending Bricker should receive a letter detailing the Public School Choice process by the end of July. The enrollment window for this program closed August 12, 2014.

Supplemental Educational Services/Free Tutoring

Additionally, due to Bricker's Turnaround status, eligible students can sign up for FREE TUTORING (also referred to as Supplemental Educational Services). Informational packets will be sent out in August to eligible families and can be picked up at Bricker or the district office. For additional information on the free tutoring please contact Kellie Moore (579-2150) or Morgan Kibby (579-2301). All enrollment forms are due by August 29, 2014.

Bricker and Harrison School District 2 are committed to improving student achievement for all students.

Supplemental Education Services Provider information - coming soon

2013-2014 Supplemental Educational Services and School Choice Report as of 5/8/2014

Title I Schools

All elementary schools use the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill reading program and Pearson's enVision Math. Each participating school has designed its own program based upon the unique needs of students at that school. The schools have coordinated their Title I plans with their building Unified Improvement Plan. Copies of each school's  plan are available upon request from the individual school and can be accessed at

Schoolwide Programs:              Targeted Assistance Programs:

All students attending a school with a school wide program can be served with Title I money.

        Schools with targeted assistance programs must first served those students most at risk of failing.
Atlas Preparatory School 5-6   None for 2014-2015
Bricker Elementary School    
Centennial Elementary School    
Giberson Elementary School    
Monterey Elementary School    
Mountain Vista Community School K-6    
Oak Creek Elementary School    
Otero Elementary School    
Pikes Peak Elementary School    
Sand Creek Elementary School    
Soaring Eagles Elementary School    
Stratmoor Hills Elementary School    
Stratton Meadows Elementary School    
Turman Elementary School    
Wildflower Elementary School    
Carmel Middle School    

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