District Policy Section D

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Fiscal Management
Section D Index:

District Policy Index

Section D of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on school finances and the management of funds. Unless otherwise noted, all policies in this section have been revised with board approval on November 15, 2012.

Policy Code Revision Date Policy Title
DB November 15, 2012 Annual Budget
DBD November 15, 2012 Determination of Budget Priorities

DFA/DFAA November 15, 2012 Revenues from Investments/Use of Surplus Funds

DI November 15, 2012 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIC November 15, 2012 Fixed Asset Policy
DIE November 15, 2012 Audits/Financial Monitoring

DJ/DJA November 15, 2012 Purchasing/Purchasing Authority
DJE November 15, 2012 Bidding Procedures

DKA November 15, 2012 Payroll Procedures/Schedules
DKC November 15, 2012 Expense Authorization/Reimbursement

DN November 15, 2012 School Properties Disposition