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Foundations & Basic Commitments
Weapons in School

Date of revision:
February 17, 2000

Weapons in School

The Board of Education determines that possession and/or use of a weapon on school property or at any school district activity is detrimental to the welfare and safety of students and school personnel.

Carrying, bringing, using or possessing a dangerous weapon in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle or at any school sponsored activity, is prohibited, except for authorized local, state and federal law enforcement officers, or those district staff or instructors authorized by the Superintendent as part of an instructional program.

As used in this policy, "dangerous weapon" means:

1. Firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, or a firearm facsimile that could reasonably be mistaken for an actual firearm.

2. Any pellet, BB gun or other device, whether operational or not, designed to propel projectiles by spring action or compressed air.

3. A fixed blade knife with a blade that measures longer than three inches in length or a spring-loaded knife or a pocketknife with a blade longer than three and one-half inches.

4. Any object, device, instrument, material, or substance, whether animate or inanimate, used or intended to be used to inflict death or serious bodily injury including, but not limited to slingshot, bludgeon, brass knuckles or artificial knuckles of any kind.

Anyone who brings a firearm or weapon to school without authorization of the Superintendent shall be referred to the law enforcement agency, unless the person has delivered the firearm or weapon to an administrator or other authorized person in the district as soon as possible upon discovering it. In such case, school personnel shall consult with law enforcement to determine whether referral of the person to law enforcement is necessary and how to properly dispose of the firearm or weapon or return it to its owner.

LEGAL REFS.: 18 U.S.C. §921 (a) (3) (federal definition of "firearm")
20 U.S.C. §8921 et seq. (Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994)

C.R.S. 22-33-106 (1) (d)

CROSS REFS.: JICI (Weapons in School)
JK-2 (Discipline of Students with Disabilities)
JKD/JKE (Suspension/Expulsion of Students)
KFA (Public Conduct on School Property)